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Laboratory of Microtechnologies for
Quantitative Biomedicine
We are a research group based at the University of British Columbia working on the development of new biodevices and methods for quantitative analysis of biological systems.
                                       is fundamentally characterized by order, with an orchestra of biochemical reactions running in compartments, within, on, and between cells.


These reactions have to occur at the right place and at the right time to manifest healthy functioning. Disease states, such as cancer, have this order disturbed and present seemingly random yet complex spatio-temporal behavior.

Our team works on creating new technologies, workflows, and methodologies to provide insight into interactions in biological systems at varying length and time-scales. 

These methods are purpose-built from devices, instrumentation, assays, and data analytics perspectives, allowing for creative application into full workflows. 

We also dive into fun physico-chemical phenomena to build an understanding and to translate them into analytical methods.

Microfluidics and Bioanalytics as a Toolset

We make use of the rich repository of micro- and nanotechnologies that leverage microfluidics to create physico-chemical compartments without using physical boundaries. Microfluidics is characterized by low reagent consumption, precision biochemistry, efficient localization of heat, all the while being amenable to automation.

Analysis of Biological Systems

With these microfluidic tools, we create new quantitative bioanalytical methods to spatially investigate heterogeneity in cancers and other biological systems. This will aid the next generation of workflows for personalized medicine in cancer management.

Additive Manufacturing of Multi-Metal Microstructures by Localized Electrochemical Deposition Under Hydrodynamic Confinement

Advanced Material Technologies


Dynamic control of high-voltage actuator arrays by light-pattern projection on photoconductive switches

Microsystems and Nanoengineering


Quantifying antibody binding kinetics on fixed cells and tissues via fluorescence lifetime imaging

Analytical Chemistry


Advection-enhanced Kinetics in Microtiter Plates for Improved Surface Assay Quantitation
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