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Lab Retreat, Hope, 2023

Science with rigor, creativity and compassion

These core values underline our approach to science and to people.


In addition to curiosity, we have a problem-oriented research agenda, with a focus on engineering innovation in biomedical research.


Our lab benefits immensely from an active engagement with clinical/medical partners.


We thrive on diversity - people, skills and projects - leading to creativity and collaboration.

We empower team members without a set hierarchy - leading to co-ownership of projects.

We explore complex topics often from first principles that links the 'text-book' to the real world needs.

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Our Ecosystem

We are fortunate to be part of multiple organizations (listed below), and have several sites for our laboratory providing us the possibility to collaborate and learn from experts in different domains.

The School of Biomedical Engineering at UBC

Created in 2017 through a partnership between the Faculty of Applied Science and the Faculty of Medicine, the School of Biomedical Engineering (SBME) is unique as UBC’s first inter‑faculty school and as Canada’s living laboratory for new models of convergent research and education. The School aims to provide a clear route from the discovery of new fundamental biomedical technologies to their innovative application and development to benefit human health. One of the missions of the school is to help strengthen the bio-tech and med-tech industry in the Vancouver area and in Canada.

(Building to be commissioned by 2024)

The Life Sciences Institute at UBC

The Life Sciences Institute (LSI) is designated as a Global Research Excellence Institute that currently hosts 83 Principal Investigators and ~700 research staff, students, and postdoctoral fellows from 4 UBC Faculties and 13 Departments.  Members collaborate extensively with foundational, translational, and clinical researchers throughout UBC, UBC Research Hospitals, and across BC, Canada, and internationally.

The Vancouver Prostate Centre

The Vancouver Prostate Center (VPC) is a UBC and Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) Centre of Excellence, and a designated national Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research. The VPC is currently hosted by the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute and the Department of Urological Sciences, part of the Faculty of Medicine at UBC.

The BC Cancer Research Institute

The BC Cancer Research Institute has over sixty labs at the institute itself and BC Cancer sites across the province. The Research Institute consists of various themes comprising of activities that explore all areas of cancer  research, cancer control research, clinical studies, clinical trials, and population health and service research. 


We gratefully acknowledge  the support of partners and funding agencies that have enabled our research and ecosystems, and in helping us implement our research agenda.

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