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Snapshot of Current Research Activities

Our research is focused on developing bioanalytical platforms, tools, and methodologies, and applying them to pertinent and challenging problems in biology and medicine.


To facilitate technology translation through research, we work on different elements of the pipeline.

Nip the bubble in the bud_ a guide to avoid gas nucleation in microfluidics_edited_edited.

Developing technology platforms using ‘open-space microfluidics', which can be performed on open and immersed biological sample formats like tissue sections and cells in culture.

Developing technology platforms that actuate and reconfigure microfluidic flows in real-time to enable dynamic microfluidic functions.

14_Ostromohob - nadya - small 2020.bmp

Developing bioanalytical methods by leveraging the unique properties of open-space and reconfigurable microfluidics to perform bioanalyte separation, detection, and quantification.

Using microfluidic platforms for the investigation and quantification of spatial multi-omic heterogeneity in cancer tissues to develop heterogeneity metrics.

11_FISH Kinetics - Anal Chem_edited.jpg

Creating spatially heterogenous tumor models for cancer biomimetics integrating microfluidics with bioprinting and biopatterning strategies. 

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